Sunday, August 31, 2008

Look At Me!

Look at Me! Sang the little songbird
To each one who passed by.
Till someone finally chose her
From all the others in supply.

They took her home and she was precious
At least for a little while.
They watched and loved and fed her
She loved to sing and make them smile.

They shared her with their friends
They were so proud of their little bird.
Isn’t she the prettiest? They’d say
The best singer you’ve ever heard?

But slowly over time
Their attention began to fade
What happened, she wondered
To the perfect life they’d made?

Look at me!
She began to cry over and over everyday,
But it wasn’t so pretty anymore -
Not in the same old way.

Then one day
As she flitted about in her pretty home
She noticed out the window
That other birds were allowed to roam.

What’s this! Thought the little bird,
Someone’s keeping something from me!
There’s a whole other world out there, and
When I get the chance, I’m going to see!

So, she waited and she sang
But they weren’t paying much attention anymore
So when the maid came to clean her cage
She slipped right out the door!

Wow! This is amazing! She thought
As she began to test her wings.
So much to see and do
Now my heart finally, truly sings!

Look at me! Look at me!
She sang from the highest tree top
Surely with all this busyness everywhere
Someone will stop.

Take a look! Take a listen!
Doesn’t anyone want to hear my song?
But with all the noise and confusion
She began to know something was wrong.

Now on the other side of things
She began to see
She needed to know her purpose and question
Who am I to be?

She’d had a family who loved her
They didn’t do everything right,
But her value wasn’t dependent on them
She heard a voice say deep inside.

Well, who will listen?
Why was I even made to sing?
To this question she must find the answer
This was the “one thing”.

So her search began in earnest
Her focus could not be swayed
Why do I sing?
For what reason I made?

Then one day as she was searching
She grew weary in her flight
And alighted on a point
A place of great height.

She sadly sat in silence
Weary from her search.
Then something simple happened
As a little brown bird took a nearby perch.

Look at me! He sang.
But it was glorious and beautiful.
It was as though he knew for whom he sang
And that answer she had to know.

Your song is so lovely.
You sing with passion, I hear your heart.
But why do you sing when no one listens?
It isn’t very smart!

Oh, you misunderstand.
I don’t sing to gain attention.
I don’t sing for the world’s approval,
For my name to be mentioned.

But you sang “Look at me!”
Someone’s approval you must be seeking.
Oh, he said, as he bowed his head.
He looked like he was really thinking!

You don’t know. You’ve not been told
It’s for His glory we were made.
It’s His look alone I’m seeking
And He sees me through the day.

Upon a cross He died for us
So we’d have a reason to sing
To fly in our purpose
To let His name ring.

It wasn’t for their approval
You were given a song.
It was for His glory
And you can be glad to sing for Him alone.

Our little bird looked up
And she began to quietly sing.
All the approval she’d been seeking
Came over her as a warm beam.

She looked down from the high place
To get her bearings before heading home.
It was then for the first time
She saw what she was upon.

The steeple of a church
Soared high above the ground
Now she began to really sing
And it was truly a glorious sound.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

day one

finally! i thought this day might never come! thanks to tori woods for coming over & teaching elle & me how to set up a blog. the block we have on our computer made it a fairly complicated matter, but here we are...

today was a good day. i started out sitting on the back porch reading, writing, reflecting...quiet time, with a warm wind blowing. i closed my eyes and pretended i was a the beach in destin, florida! with the palm trees back there, you would never know there was a desert just over the wall!

this evening i installed sam's rosetta stone (spanish) & elle's sos (french). I'm so excited about them learning languages they can opposed to latin for the past 2 years!