Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hearing from God...

santa clarita

the bell tower at biola

biola library

we just returned from a wonderful trip to California. when you grow up in the south ~ so far from there, you kind of wonder what all the "hype" is about CA! i soooo love my florida beach! but we had such a great time and it was really fun because it was all new to us.

we have begun the journey to discover where our son will go to college, and CA is where it started. he played b'ball this year with what i call "the dream team". who ever gets to play on a team filled with Godly best friends?? what a blessing! anyway, they went to a tournament in riverside, so we decided to make a week of it! we visited The Master's College and Biola. We met with the president of Providence College, drove the campus of Azusa Pacific and even Pepperdine ~ just for the views!

so, this is our prayer...that God will speak to sam's heart about where He wants sam to go. that our hearts (mine and tommy's) will be in agreement with what the Lord shows sam. that when he goes to college, he will know that we didn't send him where we wanted him to go...that he didn't pick someplace he thought would impress others or that had a great cafeteria or sports team...but that he would go knowing that he is going where God has led him!

i'll keep you posted!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

can be...

a man named steve garber came to visit our church a few weeks ago. he was the guest speaker at the men's retreat and then he spoke to a group of students and adults during the sunday school hour. he's had some amazing experiences ~ i loved his depth, his heart, his questions...and answers...

one of the concepts he shared was a timeline of sorts with creation on one end and eternity on the other.

he said at creation, everything was as it "should be" and at eternity, everything becomes as it "will be" ~ but we live on the shaky line in between the two...and on the line near creation, is the point of the fall. after that point, the "should be" becomes the "is" ~ as in "it is what it is" or "that's just the way it is" ~ understand?? but then, there comes this other point along the line, and it happens at the cross ~ it is at that point that another option is offered ~ a departure from the "is" ~ and that option is called the "can be"...

i've been here before
but you've not been with me
open,Lord,this door
show how it can be

living in the is
broken hearts and tired
longing for the should be
or awaiting glorified

but the abundant life You promised
can be ours right now
that is what we seek
Father,show us how

preservation set aside
jumping off an edge
will we hurt this time?
catch us,Lord,we beg

give us a new hope
springing from inside
let us not give up
in can be to abide


ephesians 3:19
may you experience the love of Christ,though it is too great to understand fully. then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.