Thursday, May 27, 2010

too busy...

hardly finding time at all to write my thoughts to You
life has been so busy, Lord, what is this child to do?
many good things, though they are, steal my time away
but these morns with You alone - what gets me through the day
keep my mind, Lord, stayed on You - though busy I may be
that even in the rush of life, Your way I plainly see
I am weary of this world, its charms are all in vain
yet this is where You have me now, oh help me not to strain
but rest in You and all day through, just constant keep my heart
that even in the busyness - far from the quiet start
I may sense You guiding me, come whatever may
and as I lie at quiet night, may I ever say -
He is my all,
my savior, friend -
He led me all the way