Sunday, November 13, 2011

simple desire...

my heart's desire is simple
i want to be like You
to act and to react, Lord
as You would have me do

my mornings start so sweetly
so quiet and so still
but as the sun arises
my mind begins to reel

i take the kids off this way
i get the laundry done
but who knows what's for supper?
what homework's yet begun?

the busyness engulfs me
at times my focus shifts
i see myself get moody
see tiredness take a grip

i long to hear Your voice
be grounded in Your words
that in the midst of daily
Your Spirit reassures

that though i walk imperfect
Your grace will make a way
and through my interactions
each one will come to say

"well, she just needs her Savior
and guess what? so do i!"
and grace will be extended
as busy days go by

then end of day approaches
i look back and review
were my words filled with sweetness?
did i, Lord, look like You?

now time spent in confession
i see the truth of me
may my heart, Lord, continue
in hope to be like Thee!